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Echoes of History: The Sonic Odyssey Behind 'In the Pines' by Arkade Sound Studios

At Arkade Sound Studios, we take immense pride in contributing our expertise to projects that transcend boundaries and resonate with audiences on a profound level. One such project that has captivated film enthusiasts worldwide is the John Locke Foundation's compelling short film, "In the Pines." Produced by Greg de Deugd and directed by Dugan Bridges, this film delves into the turbulent history of Wilmington in 1898, weaving a narrative of resilience against hate and political upheaval.

Crafting Sonic Atmosphere: A Unique Challenge

As the team behind the sound design for "In the Pines," our journey with this project presented a unique challenge—one that tested our creativity and technical prowess. The film's powerful storytelling demanded a seamless integration of sound to enhance the visual experience. However, one obstacle stood in our way: the need for a background of cicada chatter recordings during winter.

In winter, cicadas are notably absent, presenting a challenge in creating an authentic soundscape. The team at Arkade Sound Studios took this challenge head-on, recognizing the importance of maintaining a natural, immersive backdrop to complement the film's powerful dialogue.

Glass Breaking Ambience and Controlled Sonic Chaos: Protecting the Foley Stage

But the challenges didn't stop there. To create an immersive ambiance in specific scenes, we ventured into breaking various types of glass. Our foley stage became a battleground of controlled chaos as we meticulously shattered glass to capture the essence of historical events, all while safeguarding the integrity of our studio space.

Stabbing Realism: Cabbage Destruction for Authentic Sounds

Adding another layer of authenticity, we explored unconventional means to capture the realism of stabbing sounds. Our studio witnessed the controlled destruction of cabbages, contributing not only to the visceral impact of stabbing scenes but also helping construct the nuanced sounds of blood splatter. The result was an auditory experience that mirrored the intensity of the film's pivotal moments.

Amplifying Impacts: Layers of Sound for Intense Moments

As the narrative unfolded against the backdrop of post-Reconstruction Wilmington, scenes demanded intensified impacts, from gunfire to punches. Our team layered sounds meticulously, ensuring each impact reverberated authentically. The result? An immersive experience that amplified the intensity of the film's pivotal moments.

Resonating Truth: The Film's Narrative

The story of "In the Pines" is told through Scarlett Manning's perspective. Pandora Broadwater, an award-winning actress, portrays Scarlett and takes us on a journey through the turbulent times of post-Reconstruction Wilmington. The political battle for control was fueled by racial animosity, and Scarlett's story is intricately intertwined with the fight for truth and love, unfolding against a backdrop of chaos and deception.

Collaboration for Impact

Arkade Sound Studios collaborated closely with the dedicated teams at John Locke and Just Add Firewater, a production company committed to impactful storytelling. Through this collaboration, we aimed to create an audio experience that would immerse viewers in the world of 1898 Wilmington, ensuring every sound resonated with historical authenticity.

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