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Hi, I'm Ruby

I am a sound designer with a passion for games, film, events, and music production. My expertise lies in capturing audio that helps enhance creative stories through sound design. I started my musical journey as a mariachi and orchestra performer at the age of eleven, which instilled in me a deep love for music and audio. I have participated in game jams and helped indie teams with creating unique sounds to enhance their storytelling. This experience gave me a perspective on how to create compelling soundscapes that can help transport audiences to different realms.

Skills: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Final Cut, Unreal Engine, FMOD, Wwise, Slack, Canva, Microsoft Office,

G Suite, Trello, ClickUp, MS Powerapps, various CRM software, and more. 

Competencies: Creative, Self-Motivated, Resilient, Nerdy, Problem Solver, Strategic.


Audio Lead

Sound Desinger

Sound Desinger/ Composer


Composer/ VO Actor

Located in Sanford, NC
Call: 919-864-2149

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Located in Sanford, NC
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